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A quick moving clipper moved through the Midwest Saturday and produced some light snow. A stronger clipper will move through Sunday through Monday and produce heavy snow in parts of the Midwest. First, some areas added another inch or two Saturday afternoon.

Zoomed into my local area -

Very light, powdery snow added to the already big snow pack. Now the next storm will move in Sunday afternoon into Monday. Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories have been posted out ahead of it.

Here's an animation of the GFS showing the clipper moving through from northwest to southeast.

There will be a wintry mix on the west side of the low. Due to how much snow is on the ground, the surface is very cold and we'll likely see more freezing rain/sleet/snow than straight up rain. The bulk of the snow will come overnight Sunday into early Monday morning. Since we're so close to the low pressure center, winds will be pretty strong with this storm too.

The bulk of the snowfall is going to be in northeast Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Here's the latest model roundup.



3 km NAM:


There's some pretty good consistency in the track. There's some differences in the *exact* placement of the heaviest amounts and some uncertainty on the high end of the snowfall totals.

Here's the forecast from the National Weather Service, which is pretty close to my thinking right now -

Then, polar, frigid air moves in behind this storm. This will be a record breaking stretch of bitter cold from Tuesday through Thursday. This will likely the coldest stretch of weather since January 1996.

The temperatures will be bad enough, but then add some wind and there will be downright brutal wind chills Wednesday and Thursday mornings especially. Here's a look at Wednesday morning wind chills -

Not the kind of weather you'll want to be out in for long... if at all! These numbers will change depending on exactly how cold the temperatures get.

First the snow, then comes the bitter cold....


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