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Thursday the central Midwest will be coming out of an active week of weather that saw much above normal precipitation. Several different disturbances combined to produce as much as 5" of rain in my area, the heaviest within a 50 mile radius of the Quad Cities. Here's the 5 day rainfall estimates.

In this regional perspective you can see how focused the precipitation was on the central corn-belt

In the graphic below notice how much of that fell in the 3 day period ending Wednesday morning at 9:00 am

Below you can see the 500mb jet stream flow which contributed to the soggy conditions. The western trough and eastern ridge creating a strong baroclinic zone for convergence, lift, and storminess over the central U.S.

The next few days the pattern relaxes and turns more zonal by the weekend. That allows for a few days without the threat of heavy precipitation.

Unfortunately the trend is just temporary as the trough reloads early next week. That sets the central Midwest up for a renewed threat of heavy rains Monday-Wednesday of next week.