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The Mississippi in the Quad Cities has reached at least 22.68' at LD 15 Rock Island. That now becomes the all-time highest crest ever measured breaking the previous mark of 22.63' set in the great flood of 1993.

The river is projected to reach 22.7' before it crests sometime this evening. Unfortunately the river is only going to fall at a very slow rate and is still projected to be at a major stage of 20' a week from today. More heavy rain is projected early next week over much of the area near and above the Quad Cities. If that scenario pans out it could very well create renewed rises toward the end of next week. Something to watch.

The bottom line is water will not recede from many parts of downtown Davenport for quite some time. Significant flooding could last well into May with the wild card being how much rain falls upstream in the next 2 weeks. Sorry for the bad news! Roll weather...TS

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