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An impressive spring storm is making its way across the Midwest late Wednesday. At jet stream level it looks more like a winter system with an anomalously deep trough centered over the Rockies.

The storm created quite a temperature contrast around the Midwest with 80s in Illinois and 30s in Minnesota.

In Iowa there was a 27 degree spread from Keokuk (77) to Decorah (50).

In Minnesota the storm was cold enough to bring snow and a winter storm warnings around Duluth.

Predicted snow totals.

A wintry scene near Lastrup, Minnesota Wednesday evening.

Despite the strength of the storm and its extreme temperature gradient, severe weather was limited. That's tough to do in May. Another plus was the fact that the system under-produced in terms of rainfall in my area. Some 1" totals were found but the 1-3" amounts most models advertised remained well to the northwest.

With the storm pulling away Thursday, precipitation is out of the forecast through Saturday. However, there will be lingering clouds and a fresh surge of cold air to deal with. Daytime temperatures Thursday in my area will be in the low to mid 50s, perhaps the 40s in the north. Blustery winds will make it another raw day. We've seen too many of these in recent weeks.

With high pressure in control Friday and Saturday we'll see dry conditions with some temperature modification. Highs around 60 Friday will be followed by readings in the mid to upper 60s Saturday. Unfortunately another cold front passes Saturday night and that will usher in a new shot of cool air for Mother's Day. If the EURO is correct highs may not get out of the 50s with clouds and some spotty showers.

In general, cool weather is expected to prevail the next 10 days with the CFSv2 showing these temperature departures.

Precipitation the next 10 days on the EURO.

On a positive note, the amounts above are actually below normal for my area. Been some time since we've been able to show a trend like that. Get those planters rolling you farmers. See the departures!

More proof that dry weather is needed is this tweet from the NWS in Minneapolis showing the period January-April across the U.S. as the 7th wettest on record going back to 1895.

That's enough for today. Keep the coat handy and as always, roll weather....TS

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