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Not much in the way of weather is expected the remainder of the week now that our front is getting set to leave the region. While some areas of the central Midwest had some nice money making rains, others not so much and dryness continues to expand for some.

Peeking ahead the EURO Weeklies are in and they lead us to the start of fall. Here's what the model shows for temperatures in 7 day increments. September in particular is very warm on this run.

August 5-12

August 13-20

August 19-26

August 26 through September 2

September 2-9

September 13-20

The 46 day anomaly comes out warm for much of the Midwest and for that matter the country. Maybe there's a little hope for summer yet.

Here's the break down of precipitation over 7 day chunks through September 20..

The week ending August 15

The week ending August 22

The week ending August 29

The week ending September 5

The week ending September 12

The week ending September 20

The 46 day total ending September 20.

The 46 day precipitation departure. The upper Midwest and northern Plains are extremely wet Amounts over the rest of the Midwest are shown as spotty.

The big take-away from this run of the weeklies is that the model sees a return of both warmth and wet weather, especially the last 4 weeks (August 20 to September 20). Something to keep an eye on. Roll weather...TS

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