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There's been some rain over the last few weeks, but we're still in the hole. Here's a look at the rainfall totals over the last week in the Midwest...

The gray area in southwest Iowa is where no rain has fallen. Some of us got around an inch, but it still hasn't helped us get out of the deficit June created. The latest Drought Monitor has more of the Midwest covered by "abnormally dry" conditions -

This comes after a six to seven month stretch without being on the Drought Monitor. Here's a look at the drought conditions for Iowa since August of 2017, via the Iowa Mesonet:

The ground is cracking, the grass is browning... and this is typically still a rainy time of the year. There are some chances coming up. There will be a few scattered showers and storms Saturday night into early Sunday:

There will be another, stronger system that moves through Monday. This system will lead to more widespread rain, but it will depend on where exactly it tracks. Right now the trend has this storm moving through northern Iowa:

The pattern is expected to stay somewhat active, luckily. Here's the precipitation outlook from the Climate Prediction Center through August 20th -

Near to above normal precipitation chances would be great! We'll break down each storm as they come.


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