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By the time most of you read this the rain will be moving through or ending. However, there is a storms system moving through the Midwest Saturday night through Sunday that will bring a shot at some beneficial rain. There are now moderate drought conditions posted in parts of eastern Iowa and western Illinois, per the latest Drought Monitor:

This rain may help with the dry conditions... Here's a look at the hi-resolution rapid refresh (HRRR) model for Saturday night through Sunday morning:

Here's a look at the HRRR precipitation total through Sunday morning:

If the storm hold together more to the south there could be more rain in those drought stricken areas. This is the scenario the hi-resolution NAM shows:

Behind the rain it will still be warm and muggy as we end the weekend and start a new week. Here's the high temperatures Sunday:



There's another chance for some showers and thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon/evening:

Hopefully we can get in on some good rains where we need it...


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