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We have a new feature on TSwails called Terry Speaks the truth about weather...and anything else. All you need to do is ask a weather question. I will put it in a hat and pick one randomly to answer each week. This first segment the question was, at what age did you realize you might have the potential to be a weather nerd? Here's my answer. It ends a bit abruptly because the phone Carolyn was shooting it on rang and she stopped to answer. Geeez! Anyway I was about done and the question is truthfully answered. Click on the box below to view.

Also we still need your help. If you have not done so, would you please consider a voluntary subscription to TSwails of $12 dollars a year ($1 dollar per month). The future of the site is dependent on your contributions. We hope you see the value and hard work that exists in the daily content. There are new features currently in development that I think you will enjoy. Thank you so much for your consideration and help. To subscribe click on the secure green box below.

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