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Nothing like a sticky wet snow to transform the world around you. Here in Cedar Rapids we had 3.3" which is the earliest snow here since 1996. It was also the earliest 1" of accumulation since 1997! Here's some totals from around my area from the NWS in the Quad Cities.

More totals from the Iowa Mesonet. 4" from "wild" Steve Gottschalk in Lowden, one of the largest totals anywhere.

Some specific numbers from around the region. First the focus on Iowa.

Now Wisconsin and NW Illinois.

This is the high-res GOES satellite showing the snow on the ground around 11:00 am.

The next storm is already getting organized out west and promises to bring more snow back to parts of the area, especially Wednesday night and early Halloween day. My goal today was to find more consistency with this system and that seems to be the case with this mornings model runs. Especially with the GFS ensembles and the EURO. Here's the snowfall forecast from both models. First the EURO operational.

Here's the EURO EPS ensemble control.

Now the GFS ensemble known as the GEFS

The odd man out is now the operational GFS which remains the heaviest and furthest northwest. However, it has come back to earth since yesterday which I had a pretty good feeling it would. It has lowered its amounts and made a southward shift more in line with the EURO.

This is a snowfall outlook from the NWS in Des Moines and it seems reasonable. In fact it's very comparable to the EURO so that's where I'm leaning.