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While we've been talking a lot about adding a lot to the snowpack lately, it's nice to finally see it melt away. Here's a look at the snow depth as of Saturday morning:

(And even more melted through the day). Compared to four days ago on Tuesday morning:

So here's how the numbers shake out:

Cedar Rapids has had 11.8" of snow to start the winter - the snowiest start ever (through November 16th).

The Quad Cities has had 9.3" - also the snowiest start.

Dubuque has piled on 14.1" - the snowiest start.

Of course the snow has done a number on temperatures and we've needed cold air for snow. Here's a look at the temperature departures for the month so far:

Cedar Rapids is running about 14 degrees below normal and had the second coldest start to November on record (through the 15th).

Quad Cities is running about 12 degrees below normal and checked in at the second coldest start to November.

Dubuque is running 14 degrees below normal and had the coldest start to November on record (by almost a full degree!).

For the moment we're in the midst of a little "warming" trend with temperatures getting around normal. Here's the next ten days for Cedar Rapids and the Quad CIties via the European model:

There will be of course be bumps in the road, in the form of storms moving through the region. The first one comes through Sunday with a rain/snow mix possible in the late morning/afternoon:

Then, another that will likely primarily bring rain on Wednesday night through Thursday:

That system will begin to drag down cooler air. We've been talking about that switch back to colder air and it's reflected in the temperature forecast above and the Climate Prediction Center's outlook through November 28:

But at least the snow is melting!


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