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A weak disturbance will cross the area this afternoon and evening bringing periods of light snow in the north and potentially mixed rain and snow showers in the south. Accumulations will be minimal but some areas, especially near or just north of HWY 30 could see 1/2 to an inch of snow. Below you can see what the EURO is depicting for total snowfall.

With warmer temperatures in the south and lighter qpf little if any accumulation is expected. Even in the north where some snow falls readings will be around 32 limiting issues on treated roads and surfaces. The whole tiny mess will end from west to east this evening and should be done in most of my area by midnight at the latest.

New data on next Tuesday nights system has come in and if anything it looks slightly weaker than yesterday but for the most part impacts the same general area, maybe just a bit further southeast. The EURO has this for snowfall at a 10:1 ratio.

The GFS shows this for totals.

Plenty of time to fine tune the details on next weeks system. Enjoy the rest of your Friday and be thankful temperatures are much warmer than a year ago when the low in Moline was 33 below zero and 30 below in Cedar Rapids, both all time records!. Highs did not make it above zero. Roll weather...TS

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