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It was another spring preview today. Sunshine, melting snow, and warm temperatures. Check out the warmth at 4 pm Sunday:

It's clear where snow is on the ground in the U.S. Temperatures could've been int he 50s and 60s for some of us if we were snow free...

SO here's the problem at hand, We had been hinting for a few days some snow coming this week. The trend is your friend and the trend is sending these systems south. The models have been showing these open waves, not well defined storms, coming through this week. This tends to lead to a lot of changing of the track of these systems and therefore... a headache of a forecast.

Let's begin with Monday. A cold front will be moving through the area and lead to a cooler day across the Upper Midwest.

That cold front will stall out in Missouri/central Illinois and be the focus for some pieces of energy to move along. The first of which will be Tuesday night into Wednesday. This wave of energy has been trending further south and weaker. But parts of my local area could see some light snow...

The next one, Wednesday night into Thursday, has been trending even FURTHER south. Some parts of northern Missouri and Illinois could be in for some snow, but we'll have to see just how far south this ends up:

All in all, the outlook for snow is pretty glum. The snowpack has started to melt away this weekend and that will also play a role in the weather going forward. I don't see any huge signals for a big warm-up or cool down anytime soon. The Climate Prediction Center keeps our area in a zone for near/slightly below normal temperatures through the first two weeks of February...

Nothing crazy to see here! However, February can still be a cold and snowy month so we'll have to keep watching the trends!


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