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What's not to love about a sub-freezing morning in May featuring record lows for some and a coating of frost for others. You can see the number of people impacted by late season Arctic air by the amount of freeze warnings that were in effect overnight!

The cold is advancing on the east coast too and will grip my new residence in Maine this weekend. Winter storm warnings are up for some areas. All the way to the coast where I'm located flakes will fly. This is quite the shot of cold air.

Here's the 500mb jet stream pattern that brings the late season chill.

That's a nasty set-up for cold in the eastern half of the nation and we can be thankful this is not January or we would really have something to complain about. Here's the departures.

It will take some time but the pattern should start to moderate later next week. By the 14th the jet has re-organized into this configuration

Notice the improvement in the temperature departures! Despite the warmer look locally I'm still concerned about the amount of cold that is prevalent in Canada. Any buckle in the jet can send a tentacle of that southeast.

Anyway, we're getting way ahead of ourselves. After our cold start Saturday, the rest of the day should prove to be pleasant but cool with sunshine and highs that reach the upper 50s and low 60s. Bright and crisp!

The next wave in the NW flow plows southward Saturday night and Sunday with scattered showers. Rain totals look light on the EURO.

That disturbance brings another round of cold air into the region Sunday through Tuesday. Highs all 3 days will remain in the 50s instead of the low 70s that we typically see. Scattered frost is again possible Monday and Tuesday morning but it should not cause any serious problems for plants and vegetation.

All things considered, no signs of the summer ahead in the long range guidance. I can honestly say this more than a little nippy for my blood. With that, I sign off from the coast of Maine. Roll weather...TS

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