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The heat is back on. Luckily many have power back after the derecho and hopefully those who don't get it soon because you'll want the A/C cranked. Here's a look at the temperatures Sunday afternoon:

The heat continues through the start of the new week with a big area of high pressure in the upper levels:

SO Monday gets even hotter and it will get more humid, too:

Tuesday... even hotter:

Heat index Tuesday:

And with all of that heat will come little to no relief. The storm track will be sitting just to our north and there will be little to no rain over the next several days. Here's the precipitation totals through Saturday:

The lack of rain will beneficial for derecho clean up but rough for drought conditions in western Iowa. It does look like we get into a cooler and wetter pattern as we head into the end of August and beginning of September. Here's a look at the outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center for August 29 to September 2:

I think I'm ready for fall...


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