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Okay, so it's not full fall... but it definitely is beautiful out there! Saturday morning was truly a taste of the fall weather to come. The clear skies and low humidity sent temperatures into the 50s:

The afternoon gets warm still under the August sun but humidity stays low with dew points in the 50s and low 60s. After a cool start to the day Sunday temperatures will pop up into the mid 70s to low 80s under sunny skies:

Humidity will be low once again with these fall-like dew points:

Humidity stays fairly low on Monday, but will start to go back to those summery levels by Tuesday or Wednesday:

During this time we stay mostly dry until Wednesday/Thursday when the humidity comes back in full force. Northwest flow in the upper levels of the atmosphere will also limit precipitation. Here's a look at the precipitation totals through Thursday:

The pattern will likely turn more active as we head into the weekend with an upper level low pressure system moving in, but it's too soon to really know the intensity/coverage to the showers and storms:

For now enough the calm, fall-ish weather and give the A/C a break when you can!



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