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(John Miller) I cannot WAIT!!! His last session was one of BEST events I have ever attended!!!

(Matthew Hunter) I can hardly wait to attend! I got a second ticket as a surprise Christmas gift for my brother. This is going to be so awesome!

(William Valentine) Terry is the master. Nothing better than learning from the very best.

Hopefully you enjoyed your holiday even if it wasn't "white" it was still bright (with sun!) and mild. Temperatures were running around 15 to 20 degrees above normal for this time of year. Here's a look at the temperatures Saturday afternoon:

We got to a high of 49° in Cedar Rapids which felt pretty nice! However not the warmest on record... in fact that happened just two years ago with a high temperature of 59° on Dec. 25, 2019. The Quad Cities got to 51° this year but the record was also set in 2019 with a high of 62°.

The last time we had a white Christmas around these parts was four years ago... back in 2017! And it's no secret winter has arrived late this year as we're running mild and well below on snow. It does look like we are going to be turning colder and more active as we head toward the new year:

Before we get there we do have another mild day on Sunday, but it will be cooler than Saturday:

There will be a storm system moving through Sunday afternoon/evening and most of the area will be seeing plain old rain due to the mild air in place:

There will be a wintry mix/snow near and north of Highway 20. The storm will pass on by and we'll have a pretty quiet day Monday with some slightly cooler temperatures:

We'll be a bit cooler on Tuesday....

And that cooler air will lead to some complications as a storm system moves in. It will bring with it different precipitation types:

It's too far out to know the details with this system but it could lead to some messy travel on Tuesday.. certainly one to watch.

Perhaps winter will show up after all... RK