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April showers (well March showers, too) have been brightening up the grass and allowing for some flowers to pop. Here's a look at the precipitation over the last week:

More rain fell on Sunday and the week ahead will be active. This isn't all bad news, we still have dry and drought conditions to still solve in the Upper Midwest:

Here's a look at the projected precipitation in the U.S. over the next seven days:

Monday will be dry in the north, but in the south it's another risk of severe weather:

We'll have mostly cloudy skies and temperatures will be running near normal:

Clouds remain and temperatures will warm ahead of the next storm system on Tuesday:

Rain will move in late Tuesday into Wednesday as the warm front lifts north across the state:

There will be a period of dry time Wednesday:

And there will then be more rain (with a little wintry mix possible) late Wednesday into Thursday:

We'll dry out over the weekend and have a chance to warm up over the weekend!



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