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It's been a month since most of us have last had a 90° day. Seems kind of odd considering we're in the middle of summer. Well temperatures have been running near/below normal through July:

We've not been running below normal by a ton, but by one to four degrees across the Upper Midwest.

The last time Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities both hit 90° was on JUNE 19th. Now temperatures are on the way up.

Temperatures in the upper levels will be increasing and will be running above normal over the next few days:

We'll have plenty of sunshine each day, temperatures will climb into the low 80s Monday:

And by Thursday we'll be near 90°:

Cedar Rapids averages around eight 90° days and the Quad Cities nine. By the end of the week we'll likely add a few to the month.

Humidity will start to increase as the week goes on, but won't be terribly high. Dew points will start in the mid 60s on Monday - feeling sticky -

By Thursday dew points will start to get near 70 - getting uncomfortable -

Little to no precipitation is expected through the week... there may be some rain by the weekend.



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