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Sunday was a chilly, gloomy day that ended a week that was filled with spring weather. Temperatures were held down 15 degrees below normal for this time of year under clouds and light rain:

We'll have to climb our way back up to spring through the week. We'll do so under a dome of high pressure that will calm things down and help pump in some warmth:

It will be in place until Thursday when our next storm system will bring in the chance for rain and once again knock our temperatures back:

Temperatures will be slow to warm Monday as clouds remain in overhead and some light rain may linger:

Projected highs:

The sun will be back out Tuesday and temperatures will rebound nicely (I think even warmer than what the GFS is projecting here):

A little disturbance Tuesday night will lead to a slightly cooler day Wednesday, but it will still be sunny and comfortable!

Temperatures will get bumped up Thursday ahead of the next cold front:

The front will lead to showers and storms late Thursday into early Friday (as the timing stands right now):

The good news is that it seems the upcoming weekend will be dry and mild!

Rebecca Kopelman


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