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Multiple cold fronts have moved through leading to arctic air in the Midwest. Unseasonably cold air has temperatures running 20 to 30 degrees below normal.

Sunday morning there's the potential for records to be broken after an arctic cold front moved through Saturday morning. Temperatures as of 10 pm Saturday were already close to the single digits:

Temperatures will continue to fall with clear skies and the arctic air in place plus snow on the ground! (I think models are running a bit high)

This cold air is originally from Russia/the Arctic Circle and is incredibly displaced for this time of year:

That cold air is going to start to retreat back to the north and east starting on Sunday:

A ridge moves in and the upper level flow will return out of the west/northwest. That will allow for temperatures to moderate and for some quiet weather ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Temperatures will climb above freezing on Sunday:

We stick with the low 40s on Monday:

And by Tuesday we're actually above normal:

We'll make a quick turnaound out of the deep freeze! RK


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