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Rain fell Friday night into Saturday. A few thunderstorms developed Saturday evening. But the areas that needed rain the most missed out on the widespread, heavy rain. Here's the latest Drought Monitor, released this past Thursday, for the Midwest:

And here's where the rain fell through Saturday morning:

The heaviest of the rain once again fell near I-80 where they've had plenty of rain so far this spring. Some thunderstorms did hit some of the drought stricken areas Saturday evening, but they were isolated and not fast moving.

The good news is the active pattern will continue with several chances for rain coming this week. The other good news is we also will start to (finally) warm up.

A warm front is currently sitting to the south of Iowa and will linger in the region for several more days:

Sunday will be mostly dry during the day with the chance for some showers and storms late at night into early Monday morning:

Once again the heaviest of the rain will fall to the south in Missouri and central/southern Illinois.

There will be several chances for rain in the new week with that boundary near by. With the better moisture to the south that is where the heaviest rain will continue to be. There may be some locally higher amounts depending on any thunderstorms that develop, but you can see the trends here...

GFS precipitation totals through Friday:

And the Euro:

With southerly flow and scattered shower activity we'll be able to manage some warmer temperatures. For many of us it's been over two weeks since we've last had 70s or warmer. Temperatures should be near 70 on Sunday:

And even warmer on Monday:

With the warmer temperatures there should be more moisture in the atmosphere and hopefully help out these drought stricken areas.


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