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Mother Nature isn't delivering the best weather on this Mother's Day but hopefully we turn a corner soon. A lot of us have needed rain, though, and we got that on Saturday. Rain will be winding from west to east Sunday morning:

On the model above you can see some blue mixing in around far eastern Iowa into Illinois. Temperatures in the upper levels of the atmosphere will be cold enough to support some snow possibly mixing in.

These upper level temperatures will be below freezing which will support some snow mixing in, but likely not accumulating.

Several models are showing accumulation, but the surface temperatures and ground are too warm to support it. Just for example here's a look at the accumulation on the HRRR:

Just not something you want to see in May. The remainder of the day Sunday will be cloudy and cool with temperatures generally stuck in the 40s and 50s in the Midwest.

There will be more sunshine Monday, but it will still be cool.

Clear skies and light winds will lead to temperatures in the 30s Monday night into Tuesday morning. There will once again be the potential for frost:

We will start to warm up thereafter and will get back to some more spring-like weather. The Climate Prediction Center is showing some warmer weather expected during the second half of the month:

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there!



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