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It was a glorious weekend across the region with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. Temperatures have been running four to six degrees above normal for the month so far... we've had little to no precipitation over the last 24 days.. and now things are changing. A storm system Monday will bring in some light rain:

Temperatures will be about 10 degrees cooler Monday compared to Sunday due to clouds, rain, and an east breeze:

Then, some more widespread showers are possible in southeast Iowa into Illinois overnight into Tuesday morning:

A cold front will move through Tuesday and hold temperatures near normal:

Temperatures will gradually drop through the week with a few cold fronts moving through, but with little moisture there won't be much weather getting in the way of Thanksgiving travel the next few days.

While much of the month has been above normal, the end of the month is likely to end on a colder note:

Rebecca Kopelman


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