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We're in the midst of summer and it's coming with a whole lot of heat this week. Luckily Sunday the humidity dropped and some clouds were in place that allowed for it to feel nicer than Saturday.

The heat remains for the week, starting Monday:

On Tuesday temperatures go up a few degrees:

The humidity also goes up... dew points into the 70s = yuck city:

This combination will send heat index values back into the triple digits:

Now the issue is even though we can feel the moisture, we won't be getting much rain over the next several days. A big ridge in the upper levels of the atmosphere that's blocking us from getting any storm systems.

This pattern will not help out with many places in the Midwest still in need of rain (though there has been a lot of improvement in the drought situation in southeastern Iowa into Illinois):

There will be little to no rain through Friday... maybe some very isolated storms but nothing really organized coming through this week. Here's a look at the rainfall totals through Friday on the Euro:

And GFS:

So still some things to resolve there but a lot of Iowa likely remains dry and hot this week. It looks like the pattern may break down some next weekend, but get ready for a toasty week up ahead!



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