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I climbed out of my hospital bed, came home to my own bed, and basically slept 17 straight hours. Hip replacement surgery, while amazing, is far from a picnic. There is pain and plenty of it. However, being able to move around on the same day as surgery with my little walker is a tribute to modern day medical achievements. But with every step forward, there are areas where progress is lacking. Take for example those delightful gowns you wear. To keep them on, you have to tie them in the back, a spot where you can't see or get at. Mine would have fit Godzilla. The set-up results in a big gap in the rear where one's tushy is readily visible much of the time.

I was told by the nurses that if I wanted to go home (which I very much did), I must walk the 5th floor halls with my walker. I knew this meant my booty would most likely be exposed at times. But, that was all the inspiration I needed, I swallowed my pride and made the "walk of shame" down the busy hall. Modesty vanishes quickly when you're laid up and shooting a half moon. In the name of butt cheeks, I challenge someone to come up with a better gown! Other than that, I have no complaints. Finley hospital in Dubuque was stellar. They were pros who wanted to help. To the entire staff, a huge thumbs up from me. I was never hip to begin with!


Well, another rain system came and went, leaving the majority of my area with welcome rain. In some locations, it was almost too much of a good thing. Take Burlington, Iowa, for example, where March is off to a soggy start thanks to 5.12 inches of rain. 2.89 inches of that falling Thursday.

Here's the Doppler estimate of rain that fell Wednesday night and Thursday. Even the driest areas picked up 1/4 to 1/2 inch totals.

As expected, some strong storms also occurred with hail and high winds from SE Iowa into parts of Missouri and Illinois.

This is the 4th severe weather event to impact my southern counties this year, way ahead of schedule.


My fund-raising campaign ends Friday night. I'm very excited to reach my goal. If you use the site and find value in it, please consider a contribution. A yearly $20 gift donation gets you 385 posts. That's just 5 cents a day for Terry's knowledge and experience. Thanks so much to those of you who have already helped the cause!


Now that our late week storm has moved on, the focus is on a cooling trend that looks to dominate the pattern much of the remainder of March. However, at least through Saturday, readings remain rather respectable, with highs mainly in the 50s.

Saturday night, sharply colder air dives into the Midwest on the back side of a strong short wave digging SE. By Sunday morning, cold air advection is well underway, with brisk north winds and temperatures in the upper 20s. That leads to highs Sunday in the upper 30s north to the low 40s south. Monday should be a bit colder, with readings of just 35-40. There could even be a few snow flurries scattered around, but nothing that would accumulate.

Notice how readings in the Quad Cities are shown holding in the 40s over the 10-day period March 20th-29th. The last time the Quad Cities had a 10-day run of weather colder than that was January 22nd through 31st.

Some moderation is again likely the middle of next week, but the duration and strength of that warm-up should be significantly less than what we've seen in recent weeks. The end of that period likely kicks off an active storm track and period of weather around March 22nd. Up until that time, precipitation looks minimal through the next 8–9 days, due to either zonal or NW flow aloft. No moisture, no rain or snow. Here's the total precipitation forecast over the next week.

Time for medication and rest. Happy Friday and roll weather...TS


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