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Nothin' lasts forever

And we both know hearts can change

And it's hard to hold a candle

In the cold November rain

Well our November rain is a little more cheerful than Guns N' Roses. We finally got some beneficial rain, we just had to wait until November.

Here's a zoomed in look at the local area:

A lot of the area picked up an inch of rain with a swath of 2+ inches!

Cedar Rapids was one of those spots, picking up 2.28". The last time we had a 2" rain event in Cedar Rapids in November was waaay back in 2003! Impressive!

And just a reminder here's a look at the Drought Monitor released prior to this rain:

So this rain did hit some of the moderate and severe drought areas, but missing the extreme drought region in northwest Iowa.

We are going to dry out again for a few days and temperatures will remain near and above normal. Temperatures will be warmer Sunday with a mix of sun and clouds:

Monday will be sunny but cooler:

And then temperatures warm a little Tuesday:

Temperatures get into the 60s (maybe 70s on Wednesday:

That'll be a push of warmth ahead of the next storm system arrive late Thursday into Friday. Right now it doesn't look to produce much in the way of precipitation in the area:

We'll keep an eye on the trends and of course update you through the week!



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