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Many in my area have now had five straight days in the 70s. In November, we typically average ONE 70 degree day. So, it's no surprise this beautiful weather is breaking records.

For Cedar Rapids Saturday's high of 71° is a record for the longest stretch of consecutive 70s in November at five days. Moline's high of 73° also marked five in a row and tied the record for the longest stretch. There will likely be another 70 degree day Sunday:

This will break the Quad Cities streak. This will also break another record in Cedar Rapids --- the most 70s ever in November. The record right now in Cedar Rapids is five, set in 1909. The record for the QC is eight, which may not be broken.

Aside from the warmth, another marker of Sunday will be the wind. Winds will be strengthening out of the south as a strong area of low pressure develops to our west and high pressure sits to our east:

Gusty winds and the warmth will continue Monday ahead of our next storm system. Temperatures will be near/above 70 degrees once again:

A strong storm system will then arrive and bring in the potential for heavy rain and colder temperatures Monday night into Tuesday:

There will likely be a corridor of heavy precipitation from western Iowa through Wisconsin on the order of two + inches:

We'll then have a reality check with colder air arriving for the rest of the week.

Enjoy the 70s while they last!


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