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Memorial Day is usually known as the "unofficial" start of summer. But in the last few days it has felt more like fall or early spring. Some of us spent two mornings in the 30s and temperatures have been running 10 to 30 degrees below normal!

Here's a look at the temperatures Sunday evening...

The Midwest sticks out like a sore thumb. Soon... we will fit in. Memorial Day will be warmer than this past weekend, but will still include clouds in overhead.

There's a chance a few storms may pop up Monday evening, but most of the day will be dry:

We will continue to warm up through the week as the winds turn out of the south at the surface and upper levels. We recently did have a strong east/northeast wind, which was bringing in cooler air off of Lake Michigan, and we'll see improvements with the change in wind direction.

We go from a trough ( low pressure) in the upper levels:

To a ridge (high pressure) in the upper levels of the atmosphere:

Temperatures will climb up as a result. Here's a look at the temperature trends for Cedar Rapids over the next ten days:

And the Quad Cities:

There will be periodic showers and storms during this time, but no organized systems coming through. Typical summertime pattern with hot, humid weather and the chance for scattered storms.



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