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High pressure will be dominating the weather pattern for the next several days in eastern Iowa. High pressure in the upper levels and at the surface will lead to calm, mild conditions for the next week or so. We can just hope that it sticks around through Memorial Day Weekend.

A big ridge in the upper levels of the atmosphere will lead to mild, calm conditions. The northern jet stream will be sent way up into Canada - that's the main storm track that houses more organized storms. That means for the next several days will be mostly dry with rain to our north and west:

This will also be aided by high pressure at the surface, leading to sinking air and a lack of clouds. That will send temperatures soaring into the 70s and even some 80s this week.

Temperatures will climb up into there 70s and 80s Monday:

We'll climb up a little higher Tuesday:

And we'll be near 80 still on Wednesday:

A disturbance/backdoor cold front will move through Wednesday night and send temperatures back a bit on Thursday into the 60s and 70s:

The reason for the cooler air is because of the easterly flow off of the still chilly Lake Michigan.

Regardless, we'll be mostly mild through the end of the month and into early June!

Enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts! Hopefully we can get some rain eventually to get the corn and beans growing. For now we're taking the high road!

Rebecca Kopelman


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