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The hottest weather of the year so far occurred Saturday across the Midwest. The combination of an upper level high pressure system, mostly sunny skies, and an approaching cold front sent temperatures soaring into the 90s. In fact, for many of us this was our first 90° in over a month! Cedar Rapids' last 90° prior to Saturday was all the way back on June 19th.

On top of that it felt even hotter with dew points well into the 70s (gross!)

Sunday will still be toasty, but it won't be as hot as Saturday due to lower humidity behind the cold front that moved through, which did bring some showers and storms.

High temperatures Sunday:

Dew points will be around ten degrees lower:

That will keep heat index values below 100°, but still in the mid 90s at times.

The heat will persist and grow as we head into the new week. This is due to a big high pressure system keeping us in holding pattern.

This big high pressure system is doing multiple things -- it's forced the storm track (jet stream) way up north which is leading to a lack of storm systems. The flow is also out of the northwest in the upper levels, cutting us off from moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, the very warm air aloft is creating a "cap" each day. This is because warm air up above our heads suppresses thunderstorm activity, just like a cap on a pop bottle after you shake it up.

Bottom line - it's dry... it's going to be dry. That will allow for the heat to grow and grow.

Here's the temperature trend for Cedar Rapids:

And for the Quad Cities:

Dew points will go back up too and send heat index values to near and above 100°... here's Tuesday:

And Wednesday:

Stay cool, friends!