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Saturday was yet another gloomy day, which started with more rain --

And we've all just been waiting for the clouds to clear. Well, SUNday will live up to it's name! Temperatures won't be terribly mild (I think a few degrees warmer than what this model is showing) and it will be a bit breezy, but at least we'll have the sun!

Winds will be out of the northwest Sunday, but switch out of out the south on Monday. That, combined with plenty of sunshine, will send temperatures soaring to near 70°!

The Quad Cities got their first 70 in early March, but it has yet to happen for much of eastern Iowa. Cedar Rapids usually experiences the first 70 around March 29th so this would be right on schedule (if it happens!).

But this, of course, will not last. We got from the sunshine and the warmth, with a big ridge in overhead:

To then a cold front that moves through, which likely doesn't do much precipitation wise:

Which flips the upper level pattern around:

And from Monday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon temperatures will be around 20 degrees cooler:a

The following days, Wednesday and Thursday, will be rather chilly with temperatures running around 10 degrees or so below normal:

But it does look like we get back to spring and by April 3-4 temperatures will rebound. Here's the outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for April 2-6:

We're still riding the rollercoaster! This is pretty typical around the this time of year with the transition of the seasons...