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The past week was quite active in the Upper Midwest. For some it was more fruitful for others... for some there was flooding and others didn't get enough rain, but everyone got some. Here's the rainfall from the past 7 days:

The week also came with severe weather with another derecho in the region this past Tuesday as well as a handful of tornadoes that were confirmed. Now we're in for a much calmer and drier pattern as we head through this week. Sunday will be sunny, quiet and warm:

There will be a cold front that moves through the region on Monday which will bring the chance for some showers and storms. This will likely be the only chance for rain over the next week:

Temperatures will once again be in the 80s, but may be warmer if the front slows down:

And humidity will be elevated as the front comes in:

Behind the front drier air will move in and a very quiet pattern will unfold. High pressure will build in the upper levels of the atmosphere and cut us off from the Gulf of Mexico moisture.

This northwest flow tends to be a dry pattern for us. In fact the Climate Prediction Center has this drier pattern lasting through the middle of July:

Here's a look at projected total precipitation through the 16th:

Not much going on in these parts.... However we will likely be experiencing more heat soon... more on that in my next post.


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