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That first picture you sse is my kitchen where1500 copies of my latest book Derecho 911, Iowa's Inland Hurricane have been labeled, signed, and inserted into mailing packets to be sent to many of you back home. The book will be delivered by UPS and they assure me they will be in your hands by Christmas. I do not have a precise timeline for arrival but the estimate was around December 19th-20th. We just received the book ourselves Friday and we pulled an all-nighter to to get it turned around to meet the Christmas deadline.

Needless to say, thanks to the lack of sleep we are beat like a rented mule and I regret to tell you there won't be much of a weather blog today other than to say the storm that has brought rain (and then snow to the NW half of the area) will be on its last legs Saturday morning, but not after producing several inches of sloppy wet snow in the NW half of my area.

Light snow or rain changing to snow will be winding down during the morning, especially NW of the Quad Cities with little additional accumulation expected after the early to mid morning hours. Temperatures will hover near freezing much of the day so where roads are snow covered conditions should improve significantly once any lingering snow lets up early in the day.

The rest of the weekend will be dry and colder with temperatures remaining below freezing Sunday and Monday, especially where snow cover exits. Areas without it may get close to 32.

Well, that's all I have in me today. Thanks for understanding my predicament and keep in mind we can still get you a book for Christmas if you order soon. See below


If you've been procrastinating and haven't found the right gift for that special person, there's still time to get my new book Derecho 911, Iowa's Inland Hurricane. We've sold over 1,200 copies but still have one tucked away just for you. Order by December 14th and get yours by Christmas. It's a thoughtful gift from Santa that will be appreciated by that hard to buy for individual. The book is coffee table style and color with more than 100 pictures, images, and graphics that I guarantee is entertaining, well researched, and very informative. For more info or to obtain your autographed copy please click on


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