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It was another "scorcher here in the Midwest with many locations hitting the BIG 7-0. Multiple records fell across the region and Moline even busted the all-time February high, reaching 74 degrees.

Here are the records from my local area:

Many readings were 35 degrees above normal across eastern Iowa. If this were mid-July, when the average temperature is 85 degrees, and temperatures were 35 degrees above normal..... that'd be a 120 degree day!

A big reason we were able to achieve 70s Sunday afternoon was the amount of dry air. A mid day humidity of 39% led to a big temperature swing in Cedar Rapids. We went from a frosty low of 28 degrees to a high of 70...42 degrees in just 8 hours time.

Now moisture is on the move though, and showers and thunderstorms will be possible Monday afternoon. Here's the surface pattern on the GFS late on Monday.:

The surface low is way up in Canada and that will pump in plenty of warm air and moisture. Check out these dew points - almost to 60 degrees! Incredibly rare in February: