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Well, I must say it pretty weird to glance out the window and see a world of white. Since the first of the year the ground at my place has been bare. You get used to seeing the brown grass and then bam, the world morphs into winter. And it's not just here. Look at how widespread the snow was around the central Midwest.

The 10.6" snow in Waterloo came less than an inch from becoming the all-time snowiest day in March history. Just another example of how extreme the weather has been much of the past year.

Now the storm is headed for the northeast and it has the potential there to be one of the worst for some since the super Blizzard of 1993. That comes on the heels of the warmest February on record. Look at the snowfall the GFS is showing out east over the next 36 hours. New York and Boston will likely see a switch from snow to rain but just west snow totals up to 3 feet are possible.

Along with the snow will come winds that could hit 60 mph. Look at the pressure gradient below. Howling winds and heavy snow 2-3" per hour will make for a shut down blizzard. I can't imagine a storm like that.

Here's the advisories for the northeast. Note the blizzard warnings in red.

Well, enough of that. With the storm cranked up over the east the buckled jet delivers a couple more days of very chilly weather to the Midwest.