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Well, after the winter we had (mild and pretty much free of snow) it's really not appropriate to complain about the weather. But to be blunt, I am not fond of this time of year. The reason why is the weather you've been seeing for nearly a week. Every spring we get into one of these active periods where the storm track is suppressed and for days at a time it's wet, dreary, and cold. It's depressing and clearly my least favorite type of weather! I would never make through a winter in the Pacific Northwest!

What really ticks me off is the fact I waited all winter to get into a pattern where a strong low would take a favorable track to produce a decent snow. Sure as heck, now that it's nearly April the storms are lined up to take the track that would have buried us in the winter. (Snow haters, bite your lips please!) What are you gonna do? Suck eggs!

Just look at the series of storms in this 16 day animation of the GFS. 5 different low pressure systems passing to the south. One is actually shown producing snow in Missouri and much of Illinois. I very much doubt that will hold up in future runs.

Anyway, with the active pattern and the track of the storms over the southern Midwest temperatures are not going to be very springlike heading into April. Here's the 10 day temperature forecast off the operational GFS for Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities. 6 of the 10 days in CR are shown in the 40's

Off course it can always be worse. In Chicago where the winds will prevail off Lake Michigan, highs never get out of the 40s over the same 10 day period. Dang that's miserable.

Once again, with the regular supply of storms precipitation looks above normal over the central Midwest. Going out 16 days the GFS has this for total precipitation.

The EURO is in the ball park with a similar look out 15 days.

As I end this post tonight thunderstorms are approaching my area from the south. You can see the lightning strikes from Washington, Iowa northwest to Deep River.

It's all part of this big closed system that will keep the chilly wet weather going into Thursday.

Ahhh spring, a crazy time for weather even if it can be a bit depressing at times! We'll all get through it together. Roll weather...TS

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