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Cooler air moved in and kept temperatures down in the 30s and 40s in the Upper Midwest Friday afternoon.

Warmth is not far away with 60s in Kansas and the warm air is moving northeast. The mild air will lead to the warmest weekend in three months.

Temperatures will be about 10 degrees warmer Saturday afternoon.

I think the models are underestimating the warmth (as they have been all week). I think temperatures will be about 4-7 degrees warmer than what's shown above.

Sunday will be mild, too.

Clouds will begin to build on Sunday ahead of our next storm system. Temperatures will remain mild as the storm moves in so precipitation will begin as rain on Monday. However, as the cold front moves through and colder air moves in there will be a change over to some very light snow Tuesday and Wednesday.

This system is still a few days out so it is subject to change. However, there is some pretty good consistency right now. Here's an animation showing the path of the storm from by the GFS -

The higher snowfall accumulations will be likely across the Dakotas and into Minnesota and Wisconsin. In Iowa and Illinois there will be very light accumulations. Regardless, colder air will move in behind this storm. Temperatures will be below normal for the first time in nearly two weeks in my local area by Wednesday -

Enjoy the mild weekend because winter isn't quite letting go just yet! RK

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