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Well, I'm out of the hospital and back to work. At least for now, life is closer to normal. Thanks to all of you for such an outpouring of prayers and well wishes. One of the few good things about being sick is finding out how many friends you have. When I say I'm blessed I sincerely mean it. What a life I've lived.

Also, a special shout out to all the doctors, nurses, and assorted employees at St. Luke's who put me back together "again". Wish I could mention all your names but time and space won't allow it. Seriously, I don't like hospitals but when you need them, you gain an appreciation for the dedicated professionals who work there. It takes a special brand of compassion and devotion to care for others in need. Here's to you!

Of course, Carolyn, Eden, and my family were by my side. They've seen too much of this the past few years but they always respond in such a positive way. And speaking of family, even though I never see most of you who follow me, I feel you! You're my extended family and you are all an inspiration and the reason I do what I do. Forecasts don't always work out but with few exceptions you stand by my side. What more can you hope for than that?

They say the love you give is equal to the love you get. Most times I feel that I get far more than I deserve. I hope you know I'm sending my love to all of you and your families. On behalf of Carolyn, Eden, and Nimbus the weather dog, thanks again!

Now, the all important issue of the day is an unusually late snowstorm. Low pressure will cut a trail through Missouri and central Illinois setting up the threat of heavy snow for parts of Iowa, southern Wisconsin, southern Minnesota and NW Illinois. Here's the storm and it's precipitation shield at noon Wednesday. April 18th!

What we know is that this will be a fast moving system so only 6-8 hours of precipitation is likely. However, the dynamics are exceptional with a 70 knot jet. This will generate thunderstorms (and thundersnow) in spots with the potential of snowfall rates of 1-2" per hour. The area most at risk in my area for heavy snow is near and north of HWY 30. Here's what I have for model snow forecasts.

The GFS:

The NAM:

The hi-res 3k NAM:

There is good consistency that the highest snow totals will occur near and north of HWY 20, especially in Iowa. You can also see a very sharp cut-off to the northern and southern edge of the snow band. As you would expect, it will be another exceptionally cold day with highs remaining in the 30s. Normal highs for much of my area are in the low 60s. The GFS has this for 1:00pm temps.

Wind chills for the same time frame will generally be in the low 20s. In other words it will feel about 40 degrees colder than it should for April 18th!

So the winter of 2018 keeps on giving. Enjoy and roll weather...TS

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