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Hopefully, it was winter's last gasp. The most recent storm to impact the Midwest produced another strip of heavy snow. 10-12" amounts common near the Iowa Minnesota border. You can see it here.

This has added to the existing snow pack leading to snow depths that looked like this as of Thursday morning. Some places in Wisconsin have more than 20" on the ground. Nearly 21% of the nation still has at least 1" of snow on the ground.

The water content of the snow is high averaging 2-6" over central and northern Wisconsin. Much of Minnesota is in the 2-4" range. Amazingly the ground is still frozen in many areas, A quick thaw and heavy rains could lead to flooding. The biggest concern in my area is currently the Mississippi late April or early May. Something to watch.

Here's just a few of the extremes the late season snow and cold has created.

Snow extremes:

  • Minneapolis received 15.8 inches of snow April 13-16, its largest April snow event on record and 12th biggest snowstorm in recorded history.

  • Green Bay, with 24.2 inches, posted its largest April snowfall on record April 13-16, crushing the previous record of 11.0 inches from April 4 and 5, 1977. It was the city’s second biggest snowstorm ever recorded in any month.

  • Sioux Falls, S.D., received 13.7 inches of snow on April 14, its largest April snowfall on record.

  • Erie, Pa. is within 1.5 inches of becoming the first big city (with a population of at least 100,000) to receive 200 inches of snow in a season. Accumulating snow is in the forecast on Thursda

Cold extremes:

  • Minneapolis has posted 11 days with temperatures below 30 degrees this month, the most on record in April by four days. Its average temperature so far this month (April 1-17), of 28.2 degrees, is the coldest on record by almost four degrees.

  • The average temperature in Madison so far this month of 31.1 degrees, is the coldest on record, and about 13 degrees below normal.

  • The average temperature in Marquette so far this month of 21.8 degrees, is the coldest on record by more than four degrees.

  • Chicago has seen lows fall below to 30 degrees or lower 13 times this month, the most on record. It has posted nine days with highs below 40 degrees, tied for the third most on record in April.

  • Many cities in the interior Northeast have yet to see temperatures in March or April match levels reached in February

By Friday morning record lows are likely in many parts of the central Midwest, including my area. The EURO forecasts this. Some single digit lows are possible in the snow covered areas of NC Iowa.

A regional perspective.

Now the good news. The pattern seems to be breaking and while temperatures will still be a few degrees below normal, weekend highs for many will reach the 50s and 60s (normal in Cedar Rapids is 63 degrees). Just as important no rain or snow is expected! This is the 5 day precipitation forecast from the GFS through Tuesday morning.

Warmer and drier, just what the doctor ordered on an April weekend. Enjoy and of course, roll weather...TS

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