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As many of you know, Terry was hospitalized a few weeks ago with an errant gallbladder. Normally this situation would have been dispatched with quickly, but he had several complications because of the need to stay on blood thinners for his heart. So the surgery was postponed until he could be safely taken off the medications.

That time came last Friday. Terry's gallbladder has been joyously freed. It now resides in whatever medical waste depository is used for unloved body parts. And trust me. This gallbladder was not wanted. It was a nasty piece of work storing away gall stones like a squirrel buries nuts. Terry already went through one episode where a gall stone went the distance and it was not fun.

So the gallbladder had to go and I am happy to report that the surgery went great with zero complications.

Terry is a little sore, but that is to be expected. However he is being a champ and itching to get back to work.

As many of you know (because T's nurse said most of Cedar Rapids has had their gallbladders removed), it is a relatively simple procedure that is done on an outpatient basis.

So Terry will be providing his own update shortly in a video. His main goal right now is to keep Nimbus The Weather Dog off his belly. Nimbus wants to be a comforting presence but jaws and paws don't go well with a mellow healing period.

Speaking of Nimbus, he's becoming a big boy! I will also be posting a quick video on all his new tricks. I think you'll be impressed.

Many thanks again for all the support you have shown us during these medical emergencies! We are very fortunate to have each and every one of you in our corner.

Best Wishes,


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