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Dry, comfortable air has settled into the Midwest. Dry air by summer standards of course, but it feels mighty nice! It all has to do with the dew points...

The dew point temperature is a measure of the moisture in the atmosphere, the humidity. Dew points dropped into the 40s, 50s and 60s and made for a pretty pleasant day. There was plenty of sunshine and temperatures landed near and below average.

The nice weather will continue into the weekend. And at times it'll be nice enough to open up the windows - especially in the evenings and mornings. Temperatures will drop Saturday morning to the 50s and 60s -- likely the coolest morning in about a month.

This weekend will be pleasant - there will be plenty of sunshine (very few clouds around) and humidity will be relatively low. It will still be warm in the afternoon.. it is July after all.

Saturday afternoon:

Sunday afternoon:

You can already see the heat building back into the Midwest. The temperatures and those dew points (the humidity) will be going back up starting Monday. For now.. give the A/C a break, enjoy some time outdoors in the more comfortable weather!


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