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If you build it, it will come! That's the theme of our weather going forward. High pressure is going to grow over NW Canada this weekend allowing cooler air to start building over North America. With the expansion of the cool air it's just a matter of time before it makes a big move southeast across the Midwest.

Here's the surface pressure anomalies the EURO forecasts Sunday night. You can see in the dark orange a 1030mb high over Saskatchewan. That's a biggie for mid-July!

By June 30th the high has expanded and moved into south-central Canada.

That causes the jet stream to buckle into this position shortly thereafter.

At this point it's game on for unseasonably cool temperatures. The Climate Prediction Center shows this for 6-10 day temperatures.

Now the 8-14 day outlook.

Just look at the extent of the cool air across the Midwest in the 5-10 day period.

By days 10-15 the cool air has expanded further. No heat in this pattern for at least 3 weeks.

There's also some rain in this set-up, especially over the upper Midwest. The EURO EPS ensemble has this for rain over the next 15 days.

We're currently in the dog days of summer but there won't be much bark in our temperatures any time soon. By the way, today looks to be another winner. Sunny skies, warm temperatures, and minimal humidity will make for some excellent weather conditions. Enjoy and roll weather...TS

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