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We've been talking about a pattern change for some time now and we're in the midst of it. There's a trough over the Ohio River Valley that is keeping temperatures below normal across much of the northeastern half of the country.

Temperatures Sunday afternoon -

Through the upcoming week and next week it appears temperatures will remain near and below normal.

There will be sunshine through the week, but it will a strong upper level trough that rotates through and keeps temperatures down in the 70s and 80s. So it won't be too steamy to end July and start August.

It is also going to be a fairly calm pattern with low rain chances through the next seven days. Here's the precipitation expected the next seven days on the European model -

So it looks like we'll be searching for summer... and enjoying a break from the heat! Not bad for the end of July and also pretty good weather for anyone riding Ragbrai across the state of Iowa this week.


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