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It's feeling more like fall than summer outside as the month of July draws to a close. Of course the nice, comfortable conditions won't last and it will warm back up. But for now we're getting a nice stretch of below average temperatures in the afternoons and at night.

It was feeling brisk Thursday and Friday nights... here's a look at Friday morning's low temperatures.

And temperatures didn't recover much in the afternoon....

It's essentially going to be a repeat of this weather through the weekend. Low temperatures in the 50s, high temperatures in the 70s. Some fair weather cumulus clouds will pop up in the afternoon and it will be nice and comfortable. Temperatures Saturday and Sunday will be more typical of early September....

Temperatures will be running 5 to 10 degrees below normal - remarkable! There will be some clouds around over the weekend and there will be some rain, mainly in Kansas, Nebraska, southern Iowa and Missouri on Saturday and Sunday.

This is some much needed rain for drought stricken areas... but won't be a drought busting rain.

This cool, fall-like pattern will change as we get into the month of August. We've been talking about this for days -- there is a very strong trough in the upper levels of the atmosphere which is the reason behind this preview of September weather. That trough will hang through the start of next week, but the second week of August is when a ridge start to build back in.

This will bring summer weather back - heat and humidity and all... So for now enjoy the break from summer and this taste of fall!


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