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As expected a cold front passed through the region early Thursday generating scattered showers and thunderstorms. Some areas got good downpours while others not even a drop. That was also anticipated. While amounts at my place were minimal (.01") some sweet lighting to the north gave me an entertaining show. Here's some rain reports from the NWS in the Quad Cities.

Here's a larger perspective of Midwest rainfall.

Behind the cold front widespread 70s were found. Even some 60s from NE Iowa into SW Wisconsin. Note the range in readings at 4:00pm Thursday from 68 in Decorah to 87 in Lamoni. Summers warmth is not far away.

Looking at the surface map below you can see the front has come to a halt in SW Iowa and is set to surge north as a warm front Friday morning.

That means much warmer temperatures and higher humidity for the the upper air pattern transitions to more of a west-southwest flow.

The Euro is depicting a toasty August weekend with highs in the 90s. Here's what it has Saturday.

Here's Sunday.

The GFS is not as warm holding readings to the mid to upper 80s. I suspect a compromise is in order in my area with all but the far north ending up close to 90.

Not much in the way of precipitation is expected until the upper flow buckles again early next week. Showers and thunderstorms are a possibility as early as Sunday but is more likely Sunday night or Monday. There are some timing differences that need to be ironed out but the potential is there for some 1-2" rains where the stronger storms set up along an advancing cool front. The Euro shows this for rain through next Tuesday.

The GFS shows this for the same period. Actually pretty good consistency for a change. Hopefully some of the heavier rains move south by Tuesday night into areas of southern Iowa, central Illinois, and northern Missouri where drought conditions continue to expand!

Quick as a bunny, the pleasant weather of today gives way to temperatures much more typical of the dog days this weekend. Thunderstorms are still a couple days away but it appears they will enter the picture by the time the weekend ends, it's just a matter of when. Roll weather...TS

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