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Where are you summer? The high temperature in Cedar Rapids today was a whopping 69 degrees. That's the 5th consecutive day highs have not climbed out of the 60s or 70s. That's not easy to do in August.

If you're looking for summer it's not far away. In fact, SW Iowa was in the upper 80s Friday. That's the warm side of August that's slated to enter the central Midwest Saturday and continue into Tuesday. Notice the the warmth advertised in the 5 day temperature departures.

The 500mb jet allowing the warm-up Sunday.

The heat doesn't last long as the next buckle brings in cooler air Tuesday. See how the progressive trough moves east taking the heat and humidity with it.

Look what that does to temperature departures in the 5-10 day period. Back to the pleasant stuff.

All told the 10 day meteogram in Cedar Rapids is up down and all around.

With a front meandering across the region the next few days there will be chances for showers and storms Sunday-Tuesday. Depending on how the synoptic scale features lay out some healthy rain totals are possible. The EURO has this for rainfall amounts over the next 10 days.

A larger perspective.

The GFS 10 day rainfall forecast.

The GFS regional perspective for the same period.

The Climate Prediction Center also agrees showing a 6-10 day precipitation surplus as well.

After a nice break, summer resumes albeit on its last legs. Roll weather...TS

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