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We're a week away from fall, but the weather is feeling like the heart of summer. Sunday is once again going to be a warm, muggy day.

But it will be another dry day. After an incredibly wet start to September, it has been bone dry in parts of the Upper Midwest for over a week.

The dry time has been beneficial for area rivers that were above flood stage, many reaching major flood stage around my local area, over the last week. Most of the rivers are back below flood stage and others are continuing to drop this week.

The Mississippi will be back to typical levels soon as the dry weather continues. The pattern will break down and rain chances go back up during the middle of the week.

Luckily the ground has gotten a chance to dry out now so the rain will be a welcome change. The rain will usher in change as a cold front moves in. The temperatures and humidity will get knocked back.

It'll be feeling more like fall as we approach the fall equinox on September 22nd.


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