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The weather has been pretty quiet now after a very wild end to summer and start to fall (as Terry spoke about in his last post). Now we're just riding the wave of fall weather with mostly calm and cool conditions. The last seven days of rainfall have looked like this:

A half an inch or less across much of the upper Midwest. This driver pattern has to do with northwest flow in the upper levels of the atmosphere. 

This pattern will persist as we head into the rest of the weekend and the upcoming week. It is also contributing to the cool nights we've had lately. Temperatures were dropping like a rock Saturday night...

Already in the 20s in the Midwest at 11pm! Temperatures will fall a few more degrees into the morning and then it will be tough to rebound Sunday afternoon - despite plenty of sunshine.

Temperatures will gradually warm through the week, but otherwise... not much is going on.

High pressure will be in control for much of the week. The next chance for rain will not come until Thursday with the next front.

Still, not much rain is expected to accumulate with this system or over the next 7 days in general.

Which is fine... we could use the break.