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The storm that's been the focus of my attention all week long is now entering the data rich environment of the western U.S. Models are gaining perspective on the track and where the heaviest snow will occur on Sunday, As a result, the NWS Quad Cities has issued a winter storm watch for heavy snow and high winds. Here it is.

These are the specific of the watch.

The Des Moines NWS has put southern Iowa under the watch as well.

This is the latest snowfall forecast from the hi-res NAM

Here's a snowfall forecast from the NWS Quad Cities.

Here's the odds of at least 4" of snow.

The odds of 8 or more inches.

The low end amount.

The high end amount.

Some minor alterations are likely going forward but the window for significant change is rapidly closing. More to come Friday. Roll weather....TS

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