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The snow continues to melt away as temperatures have been near and above freezing for almost 48 hours now across parts of the Midwest. The melt stretch won't continue, but the weather will remain active through the week. First, here is a meteogram for the Quad Cities to show the temperatures cooling down once again though the week:

Now, here's a look at the next 8 days on the GFS. Just to show the active pattern -- the actual tracks of the storms will have to be looked at day by day.

The first storm comes in Monday and will bring rain, a mix and snow to parts of the Midwest.

Precipitation should be fairly light with this storm, too.

The mild temperatures and rain will continue to melt the snow. Due to the frozen ground, the water will runoff into area rivers and streams. So far, just appears like minor rises on rivers.

Temperatures drop behind this system and the storm track will come further south through the week. Next system arrives Tuesday night into Wednesday:

There may be some minor ice accumulations with this second storm, especially the further south you go.

There will be snowfall accumulation to the north, especially through Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and the Dakotas between the two systems.

There will be more systems we'll have to take one day at a time and the snowpack will start to rebuild after this weekend's thaw.


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